Some people have called me ‘extreme’, and I would agree with that assessment.

But it’s not just me.

We all have extremes within us.

I believe that part of our life journey is to understand and honour these extreme parts of ourselves in order that we can lead an authentic and fulfilling life.

Today, I will introduce you to two of my own personal extremes in order to illustrate my point.

Firstly, meet Goody Two Shoes

  • Her core values are love, compassion and sensitivity.
  • She cares about others so deeply that she often puts others before herself.
  • She experiences the world so intensely that it often feels overwhelming.
  • Her primary concern is contributing to the good of humanity.  

Next, meet The Wild Woman

  • Her core values are adventure, freedom and courage.
  • She is rebellious, and loves going against the grain.
  • She does not like being told what to do.
  • Her primary concern is being herself in the world.


In the past, these two extremes within me have felt like an internal tug-of-war, with both parts vying for attention to have their needs met.

In order to satisfy both parts, I would jump from one extreme to the other. In my early twenties I was a Girls’ Brigade officer (hello Goody Two Shoes) but straight after I had finished my volunteering shift,  I would quickly change, and then head out to the city centre for a 48 hour non-stop drinking and drug-taking adventure which The Wild Woman found extremely satisfying.

For a long time I struggled understanding these extremes within me, and it resulted in an identity crisis.


On this journey of self-discovery I researched different personality types and spent long hours carrying out questionnaires seeking clarity, but none of these ‘types’ fully felt like the right fit.

I learned that these types of analyses can be helpful, but they are only a starting point.

I realised that I am BOTH of these aspects, and so much more.


At first I thought that these extremes were at odds, but I have since learned that they can be mutually supportive and work in harmony.

Today as a Coach, Facilitator and Speaker my purpose is to create social change through speaking from the heart.

Social Visionary Goody Two Shoes cares for the world deeply and sees that more positive alternatives are possible. The Wild Woman within has the courage to share this vision and challenge social norms.


Operating from the socially acceptable middle ground keeps us safe, but not fulfilled.

“A ship in harbor is safe, but that is not what ships are built for”

J. A. Shedd

When you truly honour all parts of yourself, as extreme as they may be, and meet ALL of your needs then you can fulfill your potential without limits.


Perhaps you identify with one or both of my extremes, or perhaps there are other extremes within you.

Perhaps you have already identified them, or perhaps you would like to do that now.

You may feel that there are parts of yourself that are longing to be expressed and have their needs met.

If you would like to feel extremely fulfilled, then I invite you to listen to your conscience, hear the call of the wild and LIVE YOUR EXTREMES.


I would love to support you in this journey of self-discovery and self-actualisation through one to one tailored coaching.

I would love to support you with my intuitive and person-centred approach.

I would love to support you to create change in your life.

Contact me for a free discovery consultation today.

Much love to you

Clare x

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